Wolfenstein The New Order feature 3

Wolfenstein: The New Order – New Tweaks Discovered – Properly Adjust FOV, Completely Disable DOF

These past days, our reader ‘Dirty Dan’ has provided us with a number of tweaks via which PC gamers can properly adjust the game’s FOV (including arms and weapons), completely disable Depth Of Field, as well as forcing the game to use more than three or four CPU cores (though there might not be any performance gain with that tweak as you’re simply brutally forcing things).

So, without further due, here are the new tweaks. As always,  paste the following command at the bottom of the wolfconfig file. Do note that the ‘jobs_numthreads’ is for 8-core CPUs, so those with 4-cores will have to reduce the number to 4. If you experience abnormal slowdowns, delete this entry or change it to 0:

jobs_numthreads 8

Here are also some additional tweaks:

“Hands FOV – cvaradd hands_fovscale 1.0

DoF – cvaradd r_postprocessdof 0

Adaptive Glare – cvaradd r_skipadaptiveglare 1

View Blur – cvaradd view_blur_max 0
cvaradd view_blur_min 0

Hardware Textures – cvaradd r_usehardwaretextures 1”

In order to completely disable DOF:

“open up graphicsprofiles.json and find the postprocessdof line and change high and ultra to 0.”

Last but not least, here is how you can change the game’s FOV in order to have smaller arms/weapons.

“I also discovered if anyone wants to force tweaks not accepted otherwise you type in the console “cvaradd” as a prefix to the command. For instance to change hands fov type “cvaradd hands_fovscale 1.0” or to disable Dof put “cvaradd r_postprocessdofmode 1” and to disable a bunch of post process effects like a color grade type put “cvaradd r_skippostprocess 1” “