Witchfire targets a 2020 release, will not be story-based, new gameplay teasers revealed

The Astronauts has announced that Witchfire will be unlikely released in 2019 and that it targets a 2020 release. Witchfire will be using Unreal Engine 4 and photogrammetry, and The Astronauts has also revealed some new gameplay teasers that will give you a small glimpse at what the team is currently working on.

Witchfire is said to be a first person shooter focused on challenge and mastery, however it will not be a story-based game. The Astronauts claimed that there will be lore to explore and decipher, however it will not be story-based.

“There’s lore to discover and decipher, but no cut-scenes to follow. A project like that – e.g. like Bulletstorm, a game that some of us directed – would be bordering on impossible for a tiny team like ours. More importantly, though, the heart of the game is somewhere else. We will talk about it more as soon as we’re ready.”

It’s worth pointing out that The Astronauts is made of eight people, so gamers should temper their expectations. This is precisely why the game is taking so long to complete and you should not expect a triple-A game.

So yeah, while the game looks lovely, you should not expect the next big Bulletstorm or Painkiller story-driven game. Or at least that’s what The Astronauts claims.

Enjoy the following teasers and stay tuned for more!