PACER feature

WipEout-inspired anti-gravity racer, PACER, releases on September 17th

R8 Games has announced that its WipEout-inspired anti-gravity racer, PACER, will fully release on September 17th. PACER is an explosive anti-gravity combat racing game where players can race in a variety of single player modes or with up to 10 players via online multiplayer.

Steve Iles, Senior Producer of PACER, said:

“PACER is the fastest and most explosive game of its kind and we’re super proud as it prepares for the start line. Whether you’re into single player campaign play or inviting all your friends for multiplayer mayhem, it’s all here. Or if you’re daring and like a challenge, try our thrilling Battle Royale inspired mode, ‘Storm’.”

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Highly customizable craft. Choose from five craft types, then head to the garage to fully customize your look, performance tuning and weaponry
  • Race the world. 14 unique and challenging tracks with interchangeable variants (Night, Mirrored, Reverse) giving up to 8 different ways to race any given circuit
  • Choose your mode. 8 game modes including Elimination, Endurance and PACER’s unique ‘Flowmentum’ and Battle Royale inspired ‘Storm’ modes.
  • Campaign mode. Develop from a trainee Pilot and advance through 10 unique race teams to become the PACER world champion.
  • OST. Featuring original tracks created by Tim Wright aka CoLD SToRAGE
  • Optimised for Online. Support for up to 10 player multiplayer, Online Ranked Mode to see how you compete against the best in the world and Online Tournament/Spectator Mode for easy streaming and fun events at all levels

In order to celebrate this announcement, the team has also released a new trailer that you can find below.