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Windows 10 64bit Is the Most Popular OS According to Steam Survey, NVIDIA & Intel Still Dominant

Each and every month, Steam conducts a survey to collect data about what kinds of computer hardware and software its customers are using. And according to the March survey, the most popular OS is Microsoft’s Windows 10 64bit. In addition, NVIDIA and Intel are still dominant as most PC gamers are still using Intel’s CPUs and NVIDIA’s GPUs.


As we can see, 56.35% of Steam users are using an NVIDIA GPU, while 25.5% are using an AMD/ATI GPU. Moreover 17.77% of Steam users are using an Intel integrated GPU. What’s really interesting here is that despite the debate about whether NVIDIA’s GPUs are optimized for DX12, the green team was able to increase its fan-base. Back in November 2015, 54% of Steam users were using an NVIDIA GPU, while 26% were using an AMD/ATI GPU.


Intel has been going strong with its CPUs and as we can see, almost 76.67% of the survey-takers prefer its CPUs, while 23.33% prefer AMD’s CPUs.

Last but not least, 47.6% of Steam’s survey-takers own a dual-core CPU, while 45.58% own a quad-core CPU. Only 4.63% has a CPU with more than four CPU cores, and 2.19% is still on a single-core CPU.