Why CD Projekt RED decided to port The Witcher 2 only to X360

CD Projekt RED revealed in an interview with Eurogamer that they’d really love to port The Witcher 2 to PS3. However the fact that the company is small and it’s inexperience with Sony’s hardware were enough for them to simply forget it and concentrate on Microsoft’s console. CD Projekt RED wants to offer the best of the best and develops everything with full speed.
Tomasz Gop, senior producer of CD Projekt RED, told Eurogamer:
“We are focused on Xbox 360 right now. Obviously that doesn’t mean we would not like to do PS3 later on in line, like next after that. We would love to. Yes, I can say we would love to.”
Tomasz Gop added:
“The size of the studio and the approach we have for the projects. We do not like to engage 50/50. With everything we go with full speed, always. The other thing is switching from PC to Xbox 360 was quite straightforward. We already have people that have done 360 games on board. Right now we’re on the look out for a good PS3 developer, so it might happen.”
So all hope is not lost for PS3 owners. Don’t expect though to play The Witcher 2 on PS3 in 2011. If it get’s released on Sony’s platform, it will be in 2012 at best. Still, it would be great if CD Projekt RED could make it happen.