Weekly CryEngine 3 Gallery [March 3rd – 9th]; Bioshock & Halo In CryEngine 3

CryEngine 3 v2
Today we bring you new shots from 3D artists and CryEngine 3 modders Glode, scotthomer, Rens, chicken, QuadReaktor, ReVan1199, EliteGhost and i59. The highlight of this week is undoubtedly scotthomer’s finished Bioshock environment, as well as Rens’ finished environment based on Bungie’s Halo. These two guys will be featured in the next issue of the online Vertex magazine, so make sure to keep an eye on it. Both scotthomer and Rens proved that CryEngine 3 has a lot of potential, so here is hoping that developers will start taking advantage of it. Enjoy!