Weekly CryEngine 3 Gallery [August 19th – 25th]; CryEngine 3 Videos/Teasers Overload

We were a bit disappointed this week by CryEngine 3’s community, as there weren’t a lot of screenshots from the works of the on-going projects. Truth be told, it’s August and some of the modders are on vacations, but still… we were expecting for something more. Fortunately though, we have a number of videos and teaser trailers from some CryEngine 3 projects. Therefore, enjoy the screenshots from modders mystichobo, themodman101, Puppy, scumm, Arthurwalter and JohnBart, as well as the videos from CrydaVinci, TheDistiller, jaalt0, Fafaxounette, wjmoosting and KingBadger3d.

Desert scene (Cryengine 3)

Fantasy Portal Environment 2012 - CryEngine 3

[CryEngine 3] Epic Playground - Update 2