Batman Court of Owls temp header

WB Montreal appears to be working on a Batman: Court of Owls game, won’t be shown at Video Game Awards 2018

It appears that WB Montreal is currently working on a Batman: Court of Owls game. Earlier last month, WB Montreal’s Assistant Producer has shared an image of a T-shirt that featured a logo almost identical to the Court of Owls symbol.

We know that WB Montreal is working on a Batman game so I believe it’s safe to assume at this point that the team is indeed working on a Batman: Court of Owls game (presumably for current-gen platforms and perhaps for next-gen platforms too).

Unfortunately, though, WB Montreal will not show anything at the Video Game Awards 2018 event this Thursday. While some of developers will be present, the team will not showcase its new and unannounced title. As Patrick Redding said, the development team will be meeting with meet with their WB partners and showcase the team’s hard work, and they will reveal their game when they are ready.

Thanks GamingMonk