Watch_Dogs – PC Sales 10-12%, Next-Gen Version Sold 2X More Than Old-Gen Version

Ubisoft has released some new information about the sales of Watch_Dogs during its conference call. According to the French company, the PC version has managed to sell around 10-12% of the game’s total sales. In addition, the next-gen version (meaning the one for PS4, Xbox One and PC) has sold 2X more than the old-gen version (PS3 and X360).

This basically means that while the PC sold 10-12%, the PS4 and the Xbox One versions sold roughly 27.3% each (assuming that the sales between PS4 and Xbox One were equals) and the PS3 and X360 versions sold around 16.65 each (again assuming they sold equally).

In terms of pure numbers, the PC version of Watch_Dogs has sold – so far – 960K units. Yesterday, Ubisoft revealed that Watch_Dogs has sold 8 million units, meaning that the PC version (12%) has sold almost 1 million copies.

Ubisoft also revealed that from those PC sales, 70% were digital. This proves that there is still a PC crowd that prefers retail versions over digital ones.

Obviously, the console crowd still prefers retail versions as only 10% of the PS4 and Xbox One sales were digital. Things are getting even worse (for digital lovers) when it comes to old-gen consoles, as only 3-5% from their sales were digital.

Last but not least, Ubisoft stated that more in the US prefer acquiring their games in digital form than in Europe.

Kudos to NeoGAF‘s member ‘Saty’ for sharing this new information!