Watch_Dogs – Enhanced Reality Mod 3.1 Final Released, Compatible With MaLDo’s Texture Pack

Guru3D’s member ‘Lunayah’ has released the final version of his mod for Watch_Dogs. This new version features five different presets, and comes with optimisations for better FPS and improved lighting and bloom effects.

Those interested can download the mod from here.

Here is the changelog for version 3.1:

-Weather fixes and changes
-Wind improvements
-HQ particles when playing with high textures
-Optimisations for better FPS
-Improved lighting and bloom
-And other minor tweaks

Lunayah’s mod is also compatible with MaLDo’s Texture Pack. Those interested can follow this guide (provided by cmh175) in order to mix together MaLDo’s pack with Lunayah’s mod.

-Download the patch tools:;O=D
-Unzip the patch.dat file by dragging it onto the Gibbed.Disrupt.unpack.exe. This will make a new folder called Patch_unpacked.
-Download and open the folder for TheWorsev0.8. Go to: TheWorse Mod 0.8 + MalDo Config Tool v1\WDT_Data\Mod_Base\z_DOF_CAMERAS. Select the camera and level of DOF you want. Copy it into the: patch_unpacked\generated\databases folder.
-Next go to the: TheWorse Mod 0.8 + MalDo Config Tool v1\WDT_Data\Mod_Selection\Textures_Version and copy the graphics folder into the patch_unpacked folder (don’t overwrite anything though.
-Rename the patch_unpacked folder to just patch, and drag it onto the Gibbed.Disrupt.pack.exe to rezip the new patch file.
-You should be good to go now