Watch_Dogs Creative Director Shares More Information About PC Specs Requirements

Jonathan Morin, Creative Director of Watch_Dogs, has revealed some additional information about the PC specs requirements for Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world title. According to Morin, dual-cores CPUs will not be able to run Watch_Dogs (so it will be interesting to see how our simulated dual-core system will behave).

Not only that, but the game may not even boot if PC gamers are not equipped with 6GB of RAM. When a fan asked Morin whether the game would run on his PC system that was equipped with 4GB of RAM, Morin replied and said that he should climb it up to 6GB.

“The main issue is your ram. If you climb it up to 6 you should be able to run the game at low settings.

Morin also claimed that a GTX670 will be able to run the game at Ultra settings, provided the CPU does not bottleneck the GPU. But what CPU is ideal for Ultra settings? Morin stated that every CPU that scores above 9000 points at Intel’s PassMark will be able to run the game at max settings.

As a ref: cpu above 9 000 -10 000 should run decently in Ultra with a 670 GPU

Morin has also stated that users with CPUs similar to Intel i5-3470 will be able to run the game at medium or high settings, as that CPU will bottleneck the game.

All in all, it appears that Watch_Dogs will be a CPU bound title. Question now is whether Nvidia’s CPU driver optimizations will work on this title, and whether Watch_Dogs will stress all four CPU cores of a quad-core CPU.