Wasteland 2 Gets An Extended Gameplay Trailer, Mac OSX Version Now Available

inXile Entertainment has released a new extended gameplay trailer for Wasteland 2. Alongside this new trailer, the company released a huge early access update on Steam, as well as the game’s Mac OSX version.

Here is what the team had to say about the new update of Wasteland 2:

“First and foremost, the large beta update has just gone live on Steam. Additionally, the OSX version of the beta is now also live for our Mac backers! The full list of fixes and tweaks runs well over 2000, you can view the long patch note list here, which runs the gamut from optimization to fixing small and large bugs to expanding the game’s content. We also updated the beta’s reference card and expanded it a little bit. As a reminder, this update will break existing save games. The most immediate difference you’ll notice will of course be the updates character and inventory screens. Other than just looking better the new inventory adds a lot of functionality such as an all-party inventory and direct mouse-over comparisons between an item with your currently equipped item (by holding shift). The second big thing is the addition of the fifth major location in Arizona, the Prison, which was formerly the Ranger Center, now taken over by a rival militia. Ranger Team Echo heads into the Prison in search of ways into Damonta, a town seemingly unreachable beyond a radiation wall. “


Wasteland 2 - Extended Gameplay Trailer #1 - "Welcome to the Prison"