War Thunder now supports Ray Traced Global Illumination effects on the PC

Gaijin Entertainment has released a new update for War Thunder. According to the developers, Update 1.95 brings an upgraded graphical engine with stunning Ray Traced Global Illumination, HDR support and a physical spark system.

In addition, this new update adds brand new Swedish Aircraft tech tree, the first Swedish tanks, ten new vessels; Admiral Graf Spee and Prinz Eugen amongst others, as well as two new locations.

Gaijin has also reworked the game’s sound system. As such, the team was able to reduce the CPU load via sound processing block optimization and new RAM compression methods. Moreover, Gaijin has made composition changing of a large number of sound events in order to reduce the number of simultaneously playing sound assets.

Update 1.95 also changes aiming mechanics for AI controlled AA guns of medium calibres. It also adds a new option β€œFix gun direction in mouse view”. This option allows you to block turrets and guns rotation for ground vehicles and naval vessels while in mouse view.

Lastly, this update brings a number of bug fixes. For instance, it adds the missing armour plates on the Ho-Ni 1 and Type 60 SPRG. It also fixes a bug with the explosion of inert ammunition (when not containing explosive mass).

Below you can find a trailer showcasing this latest update for War Thunder. You can also find its complete changelog here.


Update 1.95 "Northern wind" / War Thunder