Vigilantes is a neo-noir, turn-based tactical RPG that is coming to Steam on October 4th

Daithi Mc Hugh has informed us about his new neo-noir, turn-based tactical RPG called Vigilantes. According to its description, Vigilantes is a combat focused, turn-based tactical RPG set in the declining, crime riddled city of Reiker. The game promises to offer hardcore squad-level combat in a gritty neo-noir setting, intel gathering through surveillance and interrogation, a detailed character system, base building, crafting, and much more.

In Vigilantes, players assume the role of Sam Contino; a conscientious citizen dragged down the rabbit hole of vigilantism. Players will have under their control a crew of hardened crime-fighters and will be able to assist citizens in distress, and use their skills to get the drop on enemies before the first shot is fired.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Locate gang leaders and facilities using surveillance and interrogation.
  • Assist citizens in distress. Talk a young man, who has lost all hope, down from a roof-top and help an old woman whose door has been bashed in by thugs.
  • Build and upgrade 5 base facilities (gym, library, firing range, surgery, workshop).
  • Craft and upgrade armour and equipment.
  • Prevent fleeing enemies from escaping combat, as they become more powerful

Timeslip Softworks has also released a new trailer that you can find below!

Vigilantes Release Trailer: Neo noir turn based tactics, coming to Steam 3rd Oct!