Vegeta Approves – GTA V’s PC Petition Is Way Over 9000

Vegeta 9000
Remember a petition that was launched for GTA V PC? Well, the good news is that this petition has managed to attract a lot of attention and has been signed up by more than 240K people. The bad news is that Rockstar has not commented on it as of yet. Okay, we already know that the company will port it to the PC at a later date, however it seems that fans want to clarification right here, right now. Which isn’t going to happen as that would damage the console sales of GTA V.
Those interested can sign up the petition here.
Back in November 2012, Rockstar’s Vice President, Dan Houser, told IGN that the PC version of GTA V is up for consideration and that the studio is currently focused solely on the X360 and PS3 versions.
Earlier this month, a job listing hinted that Rockstar will be porting its latest games to the PC. And as we all know, the only game that Rockstar is currently working on is GTA V.
As we’ve said and before, there isn’t any reason to worry. Rockstar has ported each and every ‘major’ GTA game to the PC (excluding the handheld versions of it) and we really doubt that the company will pull another Red Dead Redemption on us.
For the time being, let’s just wait and see what happens!