Rockstar Games Job Listing Hints At Grand Theft Auto V PC [UPDATE: Gameplay Trailer]

Grand Theft Auto V v4
Rockstar Games announced yesterday that a new trailer for GTA V will go live later today. Naturally, this is nothing to get excited about as the title has not been confirmed yet for our platform, right? However, a job listing indicates that we will most probably get a PC version after the release of the console one.
As Rockstar’s job listing reads, the company seeksĀ for a talented graphics programmer to help bring its latest titles to the PC platform. Wait a second… latest titles? The only title we know that Rockstar has under development is GTA V. So, could this be a hint for a PC version of it? Possible.
Not only that, but if that job is about GTA V PC, we can look forward to some DX11 goodness. According to the job listing, the candidate must have ‘1 year of PC or Xbox360 graphics experience (DX9 and/or DX11)‘.
This isn’t surprising at all. After all, Rockstar neither denied nor confirmed a PC version of GTA V. Our guess is that the PC version will be released alongside the next-gen version of GTA V (well, that is provided Rockstar decides to port the game to both PS4 and Xbox One).
We will update this article when the video goes live, so stay tuned for more!
Story has been updated with the official gameplay trailer that was released a couple of minutes ago. Enjoy!
Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video