Valve brings back game streaming with Steam Link Anywhere

As the dream of cloud-based gaming comes closer to being a reality, Valve has gained new enthusiasm for the idea of players accessing their bountiful Steam libraries while being away from their PC’s. While the company swiftly killed off production of the original Steam Link box and controller in November of 2018, they have been working in secret on a software approach towards the same concept in the form of Steam Link Anywhere.

The idea of this application is that your stunning, gaming PC will have the capacity to become your very own streaming machine. By installing the Steam Link Anywhere app onto you Android, Raspberry Pi or even Steam Link device, you might soon have remote access to any game installed in your Steam client.

The experience of accessing the pride of your AAA collection will, of course, depend heavily on how high the bandwidth is on both your PC, and on the device you intend to stream from. The app is still officially in beta, but you can try out the service by signing up on the Steam Store.

Until, Apple and Steam can work around certain restrictions with the security framework of iOS, there is unfortunately no iOS Store version of the app as of yet.

Sources:  The Verge, Tech Crunch