Uventa is a new first-person atmospheric horror game that releases on August 22nd

Black Rat Studio has informed us about its new first-person atmospheric horror game that is powered by Unreal Engine, called Uventa. Uventa is a first-person atmospheric horror game that tells a story based on real events about an ordinary Nightwatch could turn into a series of events that is far beyond of human understanding.

According to the press release, as an ordinary Nightwatcher whose fatal fate led him to the walls of an abandoned school, you will have to plunge into the abyss of strange and even eerie events, face to face with the unknown and, finally, get to the truth that is stored in the ghost of a bygone Soviet era.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • The real events based story.
  • Psychological horror without “screamers”.
  • Interactive environment.
  • Original soundtrack of a bygone era.
  • Interesting puzzles.
  • Unpredictable finale.

Below you can also find the game’s official trailer!

Uventa — Official trailer