Update 0.9.1 for World of Warships adds six new British heavy cruisers & new Ranked Battles Season

Wargaming has released a brand new major update for World of Warships. With the release of Update 0.9.1, six new British heavy cruisers in Tiers V-X will be fully available. These new ships are: Hawkins (Tier V), Devonshire (Tier VI), Surrey (Tier VII), Albemarle (Tier VIII), Drake (Tier IX), Goliath (Tier X).

Alongside the new ships, this patch adds a new unique Commander, Andrew Cunningham. According to the devs, Andrew Cunningham has the following talents:

  • Lightning Fast. the speed of your ship and squadrons increases by 5% after scoring two “Caused flooding” ribbons.
  • Consumables Expert. the number of consumable charges for your ship increases by one after destroying two enemy ships.
  • “Sink, Burn, Destroy!”. the reload time of your ship’s main battery guns and torpedo launchers, as well as aircraft restoration time, reduces by 10% after earning the “Witherer” achievement.

The new update also brings a new Ranked Battles Season. This Ranked Battles Season focuses on Tier X ships of all types in 7vs7 combat featuring the updated Arms Race mode. For those players looking for a new warzone, Update 0.9.1 deploys a new map, “Northern Waters”. This map was designed for Tier VIII–X battles in the Epicenter and Domination modes, including three distinct capture areas.

Naturally, this update also brings a number of Interface Changes and Improvements. It also packs various game balance tweaks. For more details you can head over at the game’s official website.


Dasha Presents Update 0.9.1 | World of Warships