Upcoming Chrono Trigger patch will bring back its original SNES graphics/visuals/sprites

Square Enix has announced that it will release a number of patches for Chrono Trigger over the coming months. The first patches will be coming later this month and although the publisher did not share their release notes, it did reveal that they will add an option to switch between the current high-resolution graphics and the original SNES visuals.

As Square Enix stated:

“We’re aiming to release the first of these patches in the first half of April, and the biggest change is that it will include an option to switch between the current high-resolution graphics, and the original graphical style of CHRONO TRIGGER.

We’ll post a full list of changes here when the first patch is released. For now, be assured that we’re working very hard on adjusting, updating and supporting CHRONO TRIGGER on Steam.”

This basically means that PC gamers won’t have to rely on mods in order to remove the game’s blurry filters or the game’s new sprites (that are obviously coming from the mobile version).