classic Unreal intro screenshot

Unreal Evolution mod announced, will enhance AI, improve graphics and more

Modder ‘|Totalitarian|’, creator of the GMDX mod for Deus Ex, has announced a new overhaul mod for the first Unreal game. This brand new mod is called Unreal Evolution and aims to offer a tighter overall design through polished and enhanced weaponry/gunplay, smarter artificial intelligence and refined enemy placement.

Unreal Evolution will also feature an enhanced artistic direction (new textures, effects, level details), tightened balance and resource distribution, new player mechanics, an engaging challenge (that will be based on the difficulty mode you pick), enhanced replayability, minor audio upgrades, a handful of bugfixes, better bossfights, level design with more to offer without being obviously different, and more.

In short, the majority of features are intended to enhance the overall experience yet retain the original spirit and concepts.

Even though there isn’t any ETA on when its final version will come out, there is already a beta build that is available for download. In order to download this beta, you’ll have to either join the Unreal Evolution/GMDX discord: or send the modder a message.