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Unreal Engine 5-powered Immortals of Aveum requires an NVIDIA RTX2080 Super for Low/Medium Settings

Ascendant Studios has just revealed the official PC system requirements for its upcoming Unreal Engine 5-powered FPS, Immortals of Aveum. And, oh boy buckle up because these PC requirements are ridiculously high.

For gaming at 1080p/60fps with Low/Medium settings, the team suggests using an NVIDIA RTX2080 Super. Yeap, an RTX2080 Super will only be able to handle the game at Low/Medium settings. And as for AMD, the developers suggest using an RX 5700XT for Low/Medium settings.

For gaming at 1440p/60fps with Medium/High Settings, Ascendant Studios recommends an NVIDIA RTX3080Ti or an AMD Radeon 6800XT. Ouch.

The game will be also using DX12.1, and will require 110GB of free hard-disk space. Naturally, the developers recommend using an SSD.

Ascendant Studios has also shared a gameplay video and the only thing that impressed me was its LOD. From the looks of it, the game will be using Nanite, meaning that there won’t be any major pop-ins of objects. According to the devs, the game will also take advantage of Lumen.

Immortals of Aveum will release on July 20th and will be one of the first games that will be using Unreal Engine 5. Ascendant Studios claims that this is a true current-gen game, so we’re really looking forward to benchmarking it!

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