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Unreal Engine 4 RTX Tech Demo available for download

NVIDIA and Epic Games have released an official Unreal Engine 4 RTX Tech Demo. Players can download this tech demo, run it on their systems and measure their PC performance.

Players can toggle ray tracing on and off between reflections, shadows and translucency to see the impact these features have on the Attic demo. Additionally, players will learn how RTX Global Illumination adds dynamic range to the scene with multi-bounce indirect lighting.  Furthermore, players can maximize these ray-tracing settings with DLSS. The demo also provides physics and interactivity, making the experience rich and lifelike.

You can download the UE4 RTX Tech Demo from here (you must have a dev account in order to download it).

Below you can find the official trailer, as well as a walkthrough video.

Have fun!

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