Unreal Engine 4 public reveal later this year, Samaritan tech demo running in one Kepler Nvidia card

We’ve all been waiting for the reveal of the next iteration of the Unreal Engine, but it seems that we’ll have to wait a little bit more. Epic’s Mark Rein revealed in GDC 2012 – behind closed doors – that Unreal Engine 4’s tech demo will be hopefully revealed later this year to the public. In other words, we can only hope that someone has managed to capture it with a camera. Or perhaps someone inside Epic leaking it? Do it guys, we are with you. But there is more than that, so keep reading.
Mark Rein has also revealed that the mind-blowing Samaritan tech demo is currently running on one Kepler Nvidia card. Yeah guys, we’ve got a single GPU that can run the Samaritan tech demo. Not only that, but Epic demonstrated in real-time the Samaritan demo, running on a Kepler Nvidia card. The demo was running smoothly, proving that the latest GPUs have enough horsepower for all upcoming next-generation titles. We have to note though that we did not get the full detail settings of the demo (meaning that Epic might have disabled the high amounts of AA). We are not certain about those little details. Still, it’s pretty impressive to see the Samaritan on a single GPU.
Last but not least, Mark Rein hopes that someday they will be able to do the Samaritan in Flash. This is a long-term goal for Epic Games. We do know that Unreal Engine 3 has been successfully ported to Flash in September 2011 and Epic showcased some new demos in GDC. Epic Citadel, Dungeon Defenders and Unreal Tournament III were showcased, running in Flash. Those interested can get a taste of Epic Cidatel in Flash by visiting this site. Sounds awesome but it will take a couple of years to get the Samaritan in Flash due to its high requirements, so hold your horses for the time being.
Epic Games had certainly lots of things to say and showcase in this year’s GDC 2012, so let’s hope that they will reveal something to the public in the next couple of days!
Updated Unreal Engine 3 Tech Demo "Samaritan" (1080p)