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Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch 2.0.3 is now available featuring numerous Actor, Item, Mesh and Quest fixes

The Unofficial Patch Project Team has released a brand new patch for Fallout 4. According to the release notes, the unofficial Fallout 4 patch 2.0.3 adds keywords for power armor paint introduced with patch 1.10.64 and keyword data for the Gatling Laser added by patch 1.10.50.

In addition, this patch comes with numerous Actor, Item, Mesh and Quest fixes. It also features one hell of Papyrus fixes.

In case you weren’t aware of, the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch is a comprehensive bugfixing mod for Fallout 4. The goal of this mod is to eventually fix every bug with Fallout 4 not officially resolved by the developers to the limits of the Creation Kit and community-developed tools, in one easy-to-install package.

Those interested can download this unofficial patch from here. Below you can find its changelog (excluding the Papyrus fixes that you can find here).

Have fun!

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch 2.0.3 Release Notes

Official Patch Merges

  • New keywords for power armor paint introduced with patch 1.10.64 have been added.
  • Keyword data for the Gatling Laser added by patch 1.10.50 has been added. (Bug #23373)

Actor Fixes

  • LCharStingwing was missing its leveled list flags. (Bug #23166)
  • Removed unused script properties from REProtectron. (Bug #22345)
  • Kelly the Brahmin Vendor’s AI package has been fixed so she won’t simply stand idle in one spot anymore. (Bug #23343)

Item Fixes

  • SecurityBar01, SecurityBarBase02: Missing properties added so these will function correctly when used. (Bug #23573)
  • Removed a duplicated item from LLI_Armor_Gunner_Outfit_Arms100. (Bug #23126)

Mesh Fixes

  • Blood packs were missing the plastic tubing other medical packs have attached. (meshes\props\bloodpack.nif) (Bug #23170)
  • Trifold American Flag objects had bad snap point alignments in workshop mode. (meshes\props\trifoldflag.nif, meshes\props\trifoldflag_prewar.nif, meshes\props\trifoldflagempty.nif) (Bug #23215)
  • Glow sights on the Deliverer were too bright, causing bloom distortion. (meshes\weapons\covertsidearm\covertsidearmnightsights_1.nif) (Bug #23366)
  • Fixed a portion of the X01 power armor being out of position. (meshes\actors\powerarmor\characterassets\Mods\PA_X1_Body.nif, meshes\actors\powerarmor\characterassets\Mods\PA_X1_Helmet.nif, meshes\actors\powerarmor\characterassets\Mods\PA_X1_LArm.nif, meshes\actors\powerarmor\characterassets\Mods\PA_X1_RArm.nif) (Bug #23551)

Quest Fixes

  • Molerat encounters at Rotten Landfill should now clean themselves up properly if the molerats are defeated. A missing alias for the second scavenger has also been replaced. (Bug #23602)
  • Cleared invalid properties from REChokepointSC03. (Bug #23068)
  • BoS100Fight needed to have it’s HealthAV property initialized in the script. (Bug #23080)
  • Cleared invalid properties from RETreasureHuntSC01. (Bug #23098)
  • Cleared invalid properties from DLC01REObjectSC01. (Bug #23111)
  • Cleared invalid properties from DLC04MQ00Gunners. (Bug #23118)
  • Fixed RECampKMK02 to point Alias_Friend01 at the correct reference. (Bug #23130)
  • Cleared invalid properties from DN066. (Bug #23143)
  • Fixed RECampSC03 to point a topic info property to the right entry. (Bug #23162)
  • Cleared invalid properties from REObjectJS01. (Bug #23164)
  • Cleared invalid properties from DN102. Also set 2 aliases to optional so the script that clears them can actually do so. (Bug #23230, Bug #23231)
  • Cleared invalid properties from DLC01MQ04. (Bug #23267)
  • Cleared invalid properties from DN083_Barney. (Bug #23316)
  • Flagged 4 aliases as optional in DN143 so that the script that clears them can actually do so. (Bug #23410)
  • Cleared invalid properties from BoS101. (Bug #23470)
  • Cleared invalid properties from FFDiamondCityWanted01. (Bug #23472)
  • Cleared invalid properties from BoS101ArcJet. (Bug #23550)
  • Removed “run on stop” flag from the final stage of MQ102 and corrected the script to close it down properly. (Bug #23077)
  • DLC01REObjectKMK01 had a scene property incorrectly pointing to a static reference. The rearming trigger for the encounter has also been fixed so it will run properly. (Bug #23119)
  • Replaced missing sound marker for DN102. (Bug #23229)
  • Fixed communication errors between the various treasure hunt quests and their master control quest. (Bug #23561)

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