Universum: War Front Is A Sci-Fi ARTS/MOBA Game Created By A Single Person

Universum War Front

Cyril Megem has informed us about his upcoming sci-fi ARTS/MOBA game called Universum: War Front. Cyril has been working one and a half year on this project, and has released a WIP trailer for it that can be viewed below. Universum: War Front will feature a first person perspective and some features that we’ve never seen in this genre.

Cyril aims to launch a Kickstarter campaign for it, and we’ll be sure to let you know when it goes live.

Universum: War Front is powered by the Unity Engine and will support DX11, as well as Nvidia’s PhysX.

According to the game’s official website, Universum: War Front is described as a Dota/Starcraft/Warhammer/Battlefield/StarWars hybrid. It’s a DOTA game due to its MOBA gameplay elements, it’s similar to Starcraft/Warhammer  due to its atmosphere and RTS elements, it’s Battlefield due to its gameplay dynamics, FPS elements, and it aims to reach the high adventure storyline of StarWars.

Here are the key features of Universum: War Front:

  – Command your troops on high or come down and keep the enemy at gunpoint in dynamic battles.
– Fight in 5 dimensions: ground, air, underground, open space, underwater.
– Play infantry, vehicles, mechs or alien creatures.
-- Customize your character and researching new technologies.
-- High detailed 3D models and high resolution textures
– Shaders model 5.0 for skin subsurface scattering, tessellation, volume textures, etc.
– High Quality Rendering with DirectX 11, lot of impressive visual effects and post processing
– Realistic physics simulation with Nvidia PhysiX for high dynamics battles
– Advanced artificial intelligence for computer controlled units

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more!

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