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Unity 4.5 Is Now Available – Includes Improved 2D Physics, Corrects Over 450 Bugs

Unity Technologies announced the release of Unity 4.5, available for download now from its official website. This new version of Unity 4 engine corrects over 450 bugs, and comes with a lot of new additions. Furthermore, the new Module Manager provides specific patches to mobile platforms.

The latest version of Unity 4 cycle includes improved 2D physics, a major update to compile the shader, improved serialization MonoBehaviour and adding OpenGL ES 3.0, which supports all the latest versions of iOS.

Unity version 4.5 includes:

  • OpenGL ES 3.0 for iOS
  • Smooth and more natural 2D physics
  • Faster loading of the scene
  • Boost workflow Shader
  • Quick Fixes
  • Drag objects while playing
  • API enhancements and added Wheel Seals
  • Update the iOS version of Unity Remote
  • Automating the construction of stereoscopic content for DirectX 11
  • Sparse Texture for finer textures