DSOGaming – Monochroma – First Impressions + First 10 Minutes Playthrough

Plan of Attack has provided us with a review code for Nowhere Studios’ Monochroma, and below you can read our first impressions of it. Monochroma is described as “Limbo meets ICO” puzzler that tells the story of two brothers through a carefully constructed black-and-white palette with splashes of red.

Monochroma is an interesting game, though I have to say that I was put off by various aspects that felt unpolished. The animation of the main character feels ‘weird’ and ‘stiff’ and controls are bit clunky. After enjoying similar platform/puzzle titles with better movement and animations, I feel that Monochroma is being held  back by them.

Moreover, the music lacks variation. While it’s pleasant and easy on the ear, it’s consisted of a small number of samples that are being repeated too often. Not only that, but the tracks themselves are quite and a few, resulting – lots of times – in ‘music-less’ sequences. While this may add to the atmosphere – depends on your point of view on this I guess – it really felt weak and underwhelming to me.

As said, Monochroma packs black-n-white visuals. This art direction is exceptional and is full of atmosphere. There is no denying that this graphics style is ideal for this game, though – once again – it lacks that something that will ‘wow’ you and make you say “Now that’s beautiful”. As with its music, the game’s visuals are easy on the eye but will not impress you or make you remember that particular environment or that moment that looked awesomely amazing.

Monochroma is basically a platform game in which you constantly solve puzzles. Furthermore – and early in the game – the younger brother injures his leg after an accident, and must be carried by you. At times, you will need to temporarily stop carrying him in order to solve puzzles. Do note, however, that you can only place him near safe, bright areas.

My biggest gripe with Monochroma is that it never captivated me. I never felt the need to return to its world. I never felt the need to progress the story. I never felt the need to keep playing it until my eyes burned from exhaustion. Perhaps it’s just me, but then again there were other platform puzzlers that really made me fall in love with them.

Monochroma is currently priced at 17,99€ until June 4th and can be purchased from Steam.


DSOGaming - Monochroma - First 10 Minutes Playthrough