Ultimate Super Doom 3 Lets You Kill Doom 3’s Enemies In id Software’s Classic Masterpiece

Our reader ‘Cristian Fabian Muñoz Isla’ has informed us about a new Doom mod, called Ultimate Super Doom 3. As the title suggests, this mod replaces the enemies – and the sounds – of the game with those from Doom 3. It’s a really weird mix of two different worlds, so make sure to check it out.
Those interested can download the latest version from here. You’ll also need the 4.6 version installed (in order to apply the 4.9 patch).
Here is the changelog for version 4.9:
-fixed the machinegun global sound on multiplayer
-chaingun hold more faster
-shotgun is more powerfull
-fixed the bug of the casings on multiplayer increased the probability of found chaingunners in a map (including doom1)
-revenant can also appear on doom1 mods
Ultimate Super Doom 3 with CODE4 (Nightmare) COOP