Ultimate Naruto Announced – New Anime RPG Webgame

Bingyou Animation today revealed an exciting fully licensed Naruto RPG – Ultimate Naruto. Combining pure anime-based plot and exhilarating combat, Ultimate Naruto players will go hands-on with their favourite characters from the Naruto anime series as they form their own path as an ultimate and powerful ninja.
To celebrate the reveal of the upcoming RPG webgame, publisher Bingyou Animation Co. Ltd has revealed the backstory for Ultimate Naruto.
According to the press release, the story of Ultimate Naruto is full of bravery and woe.
Many years ago, an almighty nine-tailed fox attacked the peaceful Konoha ninja village. Rising to protect his home, the Fourth Hokage, leader of Konoha, sacrificed his life to seal the fearsome demon inside the newborn Naruto.
Since then, Naruto’s life hasn’t been easy; living a life of isolation after being shunned by his own people because of the monster living inside of him. However, the future ninja was determined to be acknowledged for saving the village, playing pranks to earn the people’s attention. Since then, the matured Naruto has turned into a remarkable individual, undeterred by his mistreatment to remain optimistic and popular with friends.
Sadly, Konoha remains in great peril, under the threat of the brewing conspiracy responsible for the demons attack. And now, after a decade has passed since that horrible event, Naruto has chosen to take the path of Ninjaku Training to set out on an epic adventure, accompanied by with his best friends, Sasuke and Sakure.
This upcoming RPG promises to feature plots rooted in the Naruto world, alongside an original drawing style and unique gameplay features that utilize the latest web-based gaming technologies for maximum accessibility. Ultimate Naruto promises to bring players a visual feast and an electrifying gaming experience.
Here is hoping that Ultimate Naruto will be a good webgame. More details about will be revealed at a later date!