Hawken Gets Its Biggest Update – Adds New Game Modes, Tutorial & Oculus Rift Support

Meteor Entertainment announced the beginning of a new age in HAWKEN with the biggest update for HAWKEN called HAWKEN Ascension. According to the team, HAWKEN Ascension brings about a vast array of changes, improvements and new features including new game modes, tutorials, improved matchmaking and alpha level Oculus Rift support.
In addition to that HAWKEN is fundamentally changing the way players level-up, gain XP and unlock upgrades for both their pilots and their Mechs. The sweeping, dramatic changes of the new “Player Progression” update will offer players more control and customization and provide more robust rewards for playing, including free mechs that unlock as the player progresses. Additional new features include Parties, and Clan support, revamped item and internal systems for mech customization, and a brand new map: last Eco.
Jason Hughes, Senior Producer at Adhesive Games added:
“It’s been a lot of work and we’ve spent countless hours listening to our community working on these new features. We’re confident that HAWKEN fans will enjoy what we’re bringing them in the Ascension Update.”
Chief Production Officer Bill Wagner of Meteor Entertainment added:
“The HAWKEN: Ascension Update makes it easier than ever for new players to jump into the game, while adding more customization and game polish that our veteran players will appreciate. The update is a result of some of the fantastic feedback and support we’ve gotten from HAWKEN fans over the past several months.”
HAWKEN Update 0.9.4 - Ascension