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Ubisoft Is Removing Games & CD Keys From UPLAY That Are Sold From Unauthorized Retailers

According to a number of reports these past days, it seems that Ubisoft is removing games and cd keys from UPLAY (that were purchased from unauthorized retailers). Since Ubisoft has not commented on this yet, we’re marking this as a rumour.

According to various reports in the official Ubisoft forum, Far Cry 4 was removed from a number of gamers that purchased it from unauthorized retailers such as G2A, CJS and Kinguin.

Ubisoft’s member ‘slump3r’ said:

“I use Kinguin as they always provided me cd keys that work and give me what I want for a price that seems fair (around 30-40 Eur/games, which fits what I would pay in Poland for the game in the polish language). Now, FC 4 was deleted from my games, and the key banished.”

Ubisoft’s member ‘guest-JbPjvw4n’ added:

“i have the same issue, i was playing last week and now i cant play? i BUY this game key and i want it again, i buy from allkeyshop.com the game and the directory link me to kingui”

Ubisoft’s member ‘Lelisevis1978’ also said:

“Woke up this morning to find that Farcry 4 has gone from my account. I was bought the game from G2A”

It’s pretty much unclear whether Ubisoft decided to remove this game in order to prevent sales of stolen keys or not.

As we’ve already said, Ubisoft has not officially commented yet on this.

We also don’t know whether those retailers are offering refunds in case their cd keys are banned from UPLAY, so be sure to be careful while purchasing your games online.