Turok 2 Seeds of Evil feature

Turok 2 Ascension mod improves textures, adds double jump, brings more gore/blood and more

Modder ‘VGames’ has released a brand new mod for Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. According to its description, Turok 2 Ascension brings crazier weapon abilities, more blood and gore, adds double jump functionalities, improves textures and more.

Going into more details, all monsters now have death skins, one for normal deaths, one for burnt deaths, and one for exploded deaths, and all monsters will create particle and sound effects when hitting objects with their melee attacks. Lighting for every enemy projectile and attack has had their colors corrected and when blown up, monsters have a chance of moving left or right across the screen like in Turok 1. Furthermore, a new gibbing system has been added to Extreme Death animations for all enemies that adds lots of new gibs and gore chunks.

Players can now double jump and can now dash on the ground and in midair with the double tap of any directional button. Players can also do a Ground Pound attack by pressing the crouch button right after a double jump or after jumping from a high platform dealing high explosive damage. Turok will also randomly crack jokes and taunt his enemies as he kills them.

All textures and weapon icons have been upscaled and sharpened for better detail, some extra effects have been added to the Iguana Shootout Intro, blood pools have been replaced with better sprites and have been better positioned, more blood has been added to the game as well as a bit more gore chunks and splashing blood sound effects on surfaces have had their volumes reduced significantly.

Bullet impacts have thick plumes of dust and smoke left behind, in stone or default material types send bits of material flying out that bounce off of surfaces and in metal material types send sparks flying out that bounce off of surfaces. Explosions leave behind thick plumes of smoke and dust and send lots of sparks flying around. The particle effects for bullets and projectiles hitting water now look closer to the first game’s effects and bullet casing and spent shotgun shell particle effects have been replaced with 3d models.

In short, this overhaul mod is a must-have for all Turok 2 fans and you can download it from here.

Have fun!

Turok 2 Ascension v1.0 Official Trailer