Trine 2 supports cross-platform multiplayer between PC and Mac

Great news for all ‘puzzle-platformer’ fans as Frozenbyte’s upcoming little gem, Trine 2, will feature cross-platform multiplayer between the PC and Mac. Yeap, PC and Mac gamers will be able to play together in co-op in order to solve the challenges that will be offered in the sequel to one of the best modern-day indie platform games. In case you were unaware of, those who have pre-purchased the game can go ahead and download its beta and have a go with its cross-platform multiplayer mode.
In other news, Trine was one of the best 3D Vision showcases back in the days. Trine 2 won’t be an exception and according to Frozenbyte, the 3D results will be spectacular. We can pretty much assume that it will be 3D-Ready out of the box, much like its predecessor. And given the fact that it doesn’t push the GPUs to their limits, more and more PC gamers will be able to enjoy it in glorious 3D – provided they have the necessary equipment.
Frozenbyte boss, Lauri Hyvärinen said:
“We knew it was going to be good but it really caught us by a surprise just how great it looks. Trine 2 has been built in full 3D, and while some of this may go unnoticed when the game is played normally, 3D Vision makes it pop out in a way that is just amazing.”
Trine 2 is currently slated for an early December release on the PC!