Transformers: Fall of Cybetron won’t be coming to the PC; outside of High Moon’s area of expertise

You know what, this is bullcrap. There, I said. High Moon has just revealed that they will not port ‘Fall of Cybetron’ to the PC, because the PC is outside of High Moon Games’ area of expertise and as a result of that, they won’t be bothered with porting it. And you know why I say that this is bullcrap? Because ‘War for Cybetron’ was a good port. Yeah, it didn’t have as many graphical options and there was this awful 30fps lock but otherwise, it was stable and ran great to a lot of PC configurations. It just needed a little bit love. Just that extra touch and nothing more.
Since High Moon Games was able to port ‘War for Cybetron’ to the PC successfully, one would think that the company would need a little bit of extra time to add some graphical options, a FOV slider, include key mapping, force the game to show keyboard icons and remove the fps lock that was intentionally introduced – for crying out loud, they are the ones that wrote that line in the first place. Seriously now High Moon, you want us to believe that you can’t add these features, yet you can port the entire game? Come oooooooon.
Matt Tieger, game director of High Moon Games tried to defend the company’s decision and told to Kotaku:
“We were spread so thin that I feel like we barely served that audience. Then there were some issues with continued support that were frankly beyond our control, but at the same time did not create a great experience for PC gamers that got it.”
Fair enough. The company didn’t have the time to remove the FPS lock and fix some various issues that plagued the PC version. So how about you guys… you know… polish it a bit further in order to provide a better experience? We are not talking about implementing DX11 support and such things. The aforementioned features are simple and can be programmed by a single guy, and I know that for a fact since I have programmed in the past. Displaying keyboard icons is as easy as finding the lines of code that represent the X360 buttons and replacing them with global values. Supporting keyboard remapping is even easier. Seriously guys, it’s not rocket science. But hey, that would not be profitable as – obviously – War for Cybetron’s PC version didn’t sell well and that’s why the company is not considering porting ‘Fall of Cybetron’ to the PC.
It’s not about not knowing. It’s because it’s not profitable. Plain and simple. And it would be great if High Moon Games could state the obvious, instead of resorting to mere excuses.