Torchlight II Delayed Until 2012

One of the most anticipated ‘hack n slash’ games of 2012 got delayed. Yeap, that’s right. Runic’s sequel to Torchlight won’t see the light of day in 2011. Instead, the game is currently slated for a 2012. Now before jumping around, screaming like little girls, let us tell you that we are delighted with Runic’s decision. Let’s be honest, November – and December – is filled with lots of PC releases so if Torchlight II was to be released now, it would suffer from the crowded videogame release schedule.
Runic Games’ cofounder and CEO, Travis Baldree, had this to say:
“Besides, you’re all playing Skyrim right now anyway, aren’t you? Or Battlefield 3? Or Uncharted 3? Or Saints Row 3? Or Arkham City? Or Skyward Sword? Or Minecraft? Or Modern Warfare 3? Or Dark Souls? Or Assassin’s Creed: Revelations?”
Aside from that hilarious note, Travis explained the game’s delay. Apparently, Torchlight II needs more polish. Fair enough, as the first Torchlight had potential but suffered from some hasty decisions – and the lack of a Multiplayer mode.
As Travis said:
“The first Torchlightwas released in record time, but it had plenty of issues that a little more development could have resolved. We didn’t have the resources at the time to give Torchlight that treatment.
Right at this moment though, we do have those resources for the sequel, and we feel strongly that we should apply them to make this the best game we can make and hopefully one that you’ll enjoy and continue to want to play in the future.”
Torchlight II is now slated for a 2012 release on current generation consoles and PC. Our guess is that it will be released some months before Diablo III, so stay tuned for more.