The Division PC screenshot

Tom Clancy’s The Division is free to own on UPLAY until September 8th

Ubisoft is currently offering the first The Division game for free on UPLAY. From today and until September 8th, PC gamers can visit Ubisoft’s website and acquire their free copy.

Do note that this isn’t a free to play offer. Once you acquire your free copy, you will be able to play it whenever you want. However, you can acquire a free copy for the game during the aforementioned timeframe.

Tom Clancy’s The Division came out in 2016 and was one of the most optimized PC games. At launch, the game only supported DX11. However, Massive Entertainment added support for DX12 via a post-launch update.

Tom Clancy’ The Division was also one of the games that were downgraded from its initial E3 demo. Thankfully, the game still looks and runs great on the PC, though it’s not as mind-blowing as its E3 demo was.

But anyway, you can acquire your free copy for The Division from here.

Have fun!