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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has surpassed 25 million registered players worldwide

Ubisoft announced today that Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has now surpassed the 25 million registered players mark. In addition, the French company announced that Operation White Noise is now available for all platforms.

Alexandre Remy, Brand Director, Rainbow Six Siege, said:

“Player investment has been core to the success of the game with longevity being always very important to us. As the game progressed, we continued to develop it with the community in mind. We’re thrilled to see that the community has embraced the game, brought along their friends, and really pushed our understanding of what’s possible with what we’ve created.”

Operation White Noise includes the new Mok Myeok Tower map set far above Seoul. It also introduces three new Operators, Dokkaebi, Vigil and Zofia who each have signature weapons.

Furthermore, and in line with the continued commitment to provide new great quality content and seamlessly integrate members of its ever-growing community of players, a third year of content for the game has recently been announced by Ubisoft.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege came out in 2015 and puts players in the middle of lethal close-quarter confrontations. For the first time in a Rainbow Six game, players will engage in sieges, a new style of assault where enemies have the means to transform their environments into modern strongholds while Rainbow Six teams lead the assault to breach the enemy’s position. Players can fortify their position by reinforcing walls and floors, using barbed wire and deployable shields, laying mines and more. Players can also breach the enemies’ position using observation drones, setting charges, rappelling and more.


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