Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove Hits Kickstarter

Remember when that new Toejam and Earl was teased? No? Well it was. Well here we are now and there’s a kickstarter campaign for a new entry in the franchise. The game most resembles the original title on the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive.

This entry places emphasis on co-operative play, the title features 2D sprites against a 3D rendered backdrop (it looks pretty good too, in my opinion) with an isometric camera. This title will also be the first in the series to have no involvement from SEGA, the development team will be lead by Greg Johnson (one of the original creators and owner of the Toejam and Earl IP). As of now it has amassed nearly $56,000 of its $400,000 goal with 29 days left to go.

Thanks: SEGABits

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