Titanfall Forces Cheaters To Play With Cheaters, Future Game Modes Will Be Free

Now that’s how you treat your community. Respawn Entertainment announced today that those who cheat in Titanfall will be thrown in matches with other cheaters. This will obviously happen to only those who have been banned. Therefore, if you’ve been cheating this entire time and have not been caught yet, know that your days may get interesting the moment you get banned. After all, don’t you want to find out who is THE best cheater in the world?

As Respawn wrote on its official website:

“You can play with other banned players in something that will resemble the Wimbledon of aimbot contests. Hopefully the aimbot cheat you paid for really is the best, or these all-cheater matches could be frustrating for you. Good luck.”

The bad news here is that if a cheater joing your server, you will be forced to play with cheaters yourselves. Although your status won’t be affected by that, it will definitely frustrate you.

Naturally, if you’ve been banned and feel that you did not deserve such a thing, you can contact Respawn by email.

Moreover, Respawn’s Vince Zampella revealed that Titanfall’s future game modes will be free.

As Zampella said:

“Modes we release will be free to all, not part of DLC.”

It will be interesting to see whether Respawn will keep its CEO word or not.