Titanfall 2 developer hopes that pirates will enjoy the SP and buy the game for its MP mode

Now that’s how you win PC gamers that are still on the fence. Titanfall 2 originally launched with the Denuvo anti-tamper tech however, EA decided to remove it back in March. As such, a pirated – and completely cracked – version of the game found its way to the Internet. And it appears that this pirated version caught the eye of one of the game’s developers, who responded in a really surprising and pleasant way.

Michael Kalas who is working at Respawn noticed the cracked version and hopes that PC pirates will enjoy the game’s single-player story. Yes, you read that right. Respawn will not try to fight back by implementing a new version of Denuvo or by any other means. Instead, the team hopes that those who pirate the game will like it and buy it for its multi-player mode.

Now this is a really clever move. And to be honest, Respawn is not the only developer that has reacted this way. All developers know that once their games are cracked, there is nothing they can do in order to prevent pirates from playing them.

Do note that pirates cannot play with legit owners. While the pirated version is still sending calls to Respawn’s master servers (via which the team may be able to determine how many pirated copies have been played), it does not unlock the game’s MP mode or let pirates play online with legit owners.

Kudos to our reader ‘Ritsuka66’ for bringing this to our attention.