THQ’s new president, Jason Rubin, is embarrassed for Saints Row: The Third

It’s a bit ironic when a new company president feels embarrassed for a game that does not follow the current ‘game trend’ and tries to be unique, fun and enjoyable. We’re obviously referring to THQ’s new president, Jason Rubin, who feels embarrassed about Volition’s unique third person shooter game, Saints Row: The Third.
In a massive interview with TheVerge where Jason Rubin discusses a lot of topics, Rubin shares his thoughts about Saints Row: The Third and goes ahead and calls it an embarrassing game. Saints Row: The Third features scenes that are inappropriate for children. I mean, you can’t simply show to your 5 year old son a game where you beat your enemies with a giant dildo. Well, actually you can if it’s really funny but that’s a taboo thing for some people.
As Rubin said, THQ can publish games with dildos but he obviously thinks that dildos and Saints Row don’t work together:
“It works for South Park, but I’m not sure it does elsewhere. I don’t think (Volition) chose to do what they did because they had all of the options available to them. It was the environment at the time.”
Ironically, Saints Row: The Third is one of the best selling titles for THQ. Saints Row series was always about arcade and unrealistic pure fun. And although Rubin wanted this game to be the next Skyrim or Red Dead Redemption, Saints Row: The Third has its own fanbase that doesn’t want a drastic change on its theme or nature.
You see everyone, we believe that there should be a variety in our games. Variety is a good thing and gamers should have the option to choose their titles. Different types of gamers enjoy different kinds of games. Companies should provide varied products and not copy other successful franchises as Rubin wishes for.
The reason why Saints Row: The Third is so enjoyable is because there is a sense of humor, it doesn’t take itself seriously, it’s fun and has unique features that set it apart from other games. And that’s why we love it. Sure, it’s not for everyone but that does not mean that we shouldn’t be getting this kind of games.
Let’s hope that Rubin won’t put a stop to the Saints Row series and that we’ll get a Saints Row: Fourth in the future!
Brian Crecente updated the interview in order to restate that Jason Rubin did not say that he was embarassed for Saints Row: The Third. Pardon us but why woud the CEO of a publisher call a game, that his company has published, embarassing if he doesn’t feel embarassed about it? Otherwise, there isn’t any reason at all to call it an ’embarassing game,’ right? It’s obvious that Rubin is trying to play with words, but we bet that you understood what he meant when he called Saints Row: The Third an embarassing game.