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This T-Rex tech demo in Unity 5 Engine is a dream come true for all Jurassic Park fans

For years Jurassic Park fans have been asking for a modern-day Jurassic Park game. And while there isn’t such a game yet, “unity5games” has released a fan-made T-Rex Jurassic Park tech demo in Unity 5 Engine that looks incredible.

This tech demo recreates the T-rex breakout scene with the jeeps from Jurassic Park. Players will have to try not to die while being chased by Rexy. Players can enter only one car and if they enter the car while being chased, Rexy will try to flip and break the car.

What’s really, really cool here is the T-Rex itself. Unity5games has managed to perfectly recreate the dinosaur from the first movie and looks really close to it. It’s not identical – polygon-wise – but it’s one sexy T-Rex. Moreover, the T-Rex model, the textures and the animations were all created by unity5games.

It’s far from perfect. For example it appears that T-Rex slides while walking and some animations transitions are not that smooth. Still, it looks phenomenal and really close to the real material. Also, unity5games used the T-Rex sounds from the JP film.

Those interested can download this free Jurassic Park Unity 5 tech demo from here, and below you can find some screenshots from it. Oh, and it’s compatible with VR devices in case you’re wondering.


REXY BREAKS OUT! Live The T Rex Breakout Scene (concept demo)