This Project Overhauls GTAV’s Visuals, Turning It Into One Of The Most Beautiful Games Ever Released

Grand Theft Auto V is a beautiful game, however it’s no secret that its visuals could look a lot better on the PC. Well, thanks to modders, the game’s visuals have been overhauled in a tremendous degree. The mod responsible for turning GTA V into such as stunning visual treat is called The Pinnacle of V – World Enhancement Project and below you can view some really impressive screenshots.

What’s really astounding is that this project comes with some really high resolution textures as well. In other words, we’re not talking about a mere Reshade/SweetFX mod.

Furthermore, this mod brings some new graphical features to the game itself. For example the mod – among other things – increases global reflection and shadow intensity, adds Volumetric Lighting to all weathers during night, enables shadows from weapon, explosion and other smoke/particle effects within near vicinity of player, and improves the game’s wind effects.

Here are the key features of The Pinnacle of V – World Enhancement Project:

  • The best and most realistic Reshade & Enb configurations included to provide a perfect color balance and bring new life to the game.
  • Totally redone every in game weather, removing chromatic aberration, noise, vignetting, and other postfx.
  • Improved clouds, lighting, color control, reduced fog to realistic amounts and much more. Major overhaul! (Letting the game change weathers in its natural cycle provides the best experience! Don’t always use a trainer, you’ll be surprised.)
  • Photo realistic rain and puddles.
  • Increased global reflection and shadow intensity.
  • Added Volumetric Lighting to all weathers during night. 
  • Removed flashing from pickup objects(weapons cash wallets etc.)
  • Enabled shadows from weapon, explosion and other smoke/particle effects within near vicinity of player(uses the same distance as the general shadow box)
  • Removed most lensflare and limited corona size.
  • Improved/stronger wind effects.
  • Edited particle effects to allow more collision, as well as made more objects breakable(more coming in future updates).
  • Better grass and plant general settings.
  • Global smoke effect improved, everything from exhaust to chimneys to explosions 😉
  • Better weather lighting, fog control, and atmosphere.
  • Much improved storm weather waves and water effects.
  • Massively improved reflections.
  • Increased farclip.
  • Longer lasting footprints, better tire water, dirt, and burnout smoke effects.
  • 4k and improved Bokeh Depth of Field Effects.
  • Improved vehicle lights, coronas, flare, spotlights and police lights.                                
  • Plants, grass, bushes, vehicles, water, blood, stars, moon, and more! The texture overhaul is a massive project on its own, and it will be receiving regular updates as progress is made. These textures are not just simply upscaled. They are entirely brand new textures being introduced into the game.
  • 4k Clouds
  • 4k Water
  • 4k Stars and Moon
  • 4k Plants and Grass
  • 4k Blood
  • 4k Fire Sprites
  • 4k Coronas
  • 4k Rain Drops and Splash Textures
  • 4k Cloud Noise
  • 4k Vehicle Bottom Shadows
  • 2k Real Vehicle Replacements for Carrier Types(Coke, Pepsi, graffiti, and more!)

Those interested can download the mod from here.


GTA5 2015-08-25 02-37-15GTA5 2015-09-01 01-34GTA5 2015-09-03 14-25-40GTA5 2015-09-03 17-28-38GTA5 2015-09-10 01-17-33GTA5 2015-09-11 23-12-26GTA5 2015-09-18 03-53-45GTA5 2015-09-23 18-14-41GTA5 2015-09-25 22-18-22GTA5 2015-09-28 18-58-40GTA5 2015-09-28 23-53-45GTA5 2015-10-21 19-16-23GTA5 2015-11-10 17-06-41GTA5 2015-11-10 19-32-13GTA5 2015-11-11 00-04-12GTA5 2015-11-11 11-07-30GTA5 2015-11-19 04-27-46GTA5 2015-11-23 16-32-59

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