Half Life Classic feature

This mod transforms Half-Life into a top-down shooter and is available for download

Now here is something really cool. Modder ‘Sockman111’ has created a mod that transforms Valve’s classic Half-Life shooter into a top-down shooter, called Half-Life: Top-Down. The modder describes this mod as Hotline Miami or Enter the Gungeon, but with the levels, mechanics, and gunplay of Half-Life, and it’s heavily inspired by Quarter Fraction.

Half-Life: Top-Down comes with two game modes that can be changed in the advanced tab of the options menu. The first one simply places the camera a fixed height above the player, similar to what other top-down shooters do.

The second mode tries to keep the camera in-bounds, offering a clear line of sight to the player. The downside here is that this second mode makes the camera get really close when the ceiling is low, and some ceilings can cause some annoying camera movement.

Half-Life: Top-Down is pretty cool idea and we highly recommend downloading it from here as it will let you experience this classic shooter from a completely different perspective.

Below you can find below a video showcasing this mod in action!

Half-Life but it's a top-down shooter