This mod brings Kojima’s Metal Gear game to Doom, alpha demo available for download

Modder ‘AutumnAPM’ has released the first demo for Metal Gear: Doom. As the title suggests, Metal Gear: Doom is a stealth based shooter for the iD tech 1 (Doom) engine which will attempt to recreate the gameplay of the original Metal Gear games in a classic 8bit art style.

This first demo is an alpha/base version that works with Zandronum and will give you a very small idea of what AutumnAPM aims to accomplish. Basically, the modder will convert all Metal Gear MSX maps to Doom, will bring a new HUD, as well as some new sprites.

Now while the modder will recreate all levels from Metal Gear MSX, I don’t know whether he will tweak/enhance the AI in order to provide a more stealthy gameplay, or whether he will bring the enemies and the storyline from the original Meta Gear game.

Still, it’s a retro-cool little mod that will put a smile on everyone’s face. Again this is just an alpha demo release so don’t expect the whole game.

Those interested can download the mod from here, and below you can find some alpha screenshots.