This is how a Star-Fox remake would look like in current-generation consoles and PC

Now this is really awesome. Back in the days, I was a die-hard console fan and loved my SNES. And no, I don’t mind admitting it as I strongly believe that consoles and PCs can co-exist. Star-Fox was one of my favourite games and like most of its fans, I’d really love to see a remake of it. And have you ever wondered how it would look like in current-generation consoles and PC? Well, time to find out as YouTube’s member ‘rickonami’ uploaded a CGI remake of the game’s intro sequence. Although this is a CGI, its visuals can be easily achieved by current generation games and Nintendo should definitely consider a remake of it. Imagine a remake of Star-Fox as a Wii U launch title. Bloody hell, I’d buy it. As this is not going to happen though, enjoy for the time being this CGI remake.