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This HD Texture Pack for Deus Ex overhauls all of its characters, decorations and items

Modder ‘Ber?erker’ has released a new HD Texture Pack for the first Deus Ex game. According to its description, the Helios Texture Overhaul mod improves the textures of all the characters, decorations and items.

This HD Texture Pack is around 890MB in size and we highly recommend downloading it. The modder tried to stay as close to the original material as possible, so I’m pretty sure that even purists will like this mod.

You can download this new HD Texture Pack from here. You can install it by simply copying and pasting the new textures to the textures folder of the game. Moreover, the modder has provided an extra folder that has 20 alternative outfits for JC, as well as alternative outfits for Anna Gunther and Bob Page.

In order to showcase these new textures, the modder has also shared the following comparison screenshots.