This glitch in Final Fantasy XV benchmark will allow you to control Noctis and explore the environments

Final Fantasy XV’s benchmark looks absolutely stunning on the PC and even though it gives you an idea of what you can expect from the retail game, we are certain that a lot of gamers would love to actually play it. And… well… thanks to a glitch you can actually control Noctis and explore the environments.

In order to activate this glitch, players will have to start mashing the WASD keys and the left and right clicks, and move their mouse once Noctis gets out of the car (right before he rides a Chocobo). If you’ve done this right, you will be able to control Noctis and explore the environments that are featured in this benchmark.

Players will be able to keep playing until the next day as the benchmark supports a day-night cycle (the benchmark will then crash).

Last but not least, players will have to keep pressing “E” in case Noctis starts attacking in order to cancel/stop the attack move.

It’s a pretty cool glitch and we are pretty sure that a lot of PC gamers will find it interesting. Now if only Square Enix released a patch in order to provide a full exploration mode. That would be super neat but it ain’t gonna happen.

Have fun!