Final Fantasy XI AshenbubsHD-1

This 6.5GB Mod for Final Fantasy XI overhauls around 240,000 textures

Modder ‘AshenbubsHD’ has released a new HD Texture Pack for Final Fantasy XI that overhauls around 240,000 textures. AshenbubsHD comes in two versions, uses AI techniques in order to enhance the game’s vanilla textures, and you can download it right now.

Going into more details, the two versions that are currently available are the Prime and the Basic versions. The Prime version upscales all textures by four times, whereas the Basic version updates them by two times.

In order to showcase the new textures, the modder released the following screenshots and videos. Unfortunately, there aren’t any before/after comparisons. Still, those owning the game will definitely notice some improvements.

You can download this HD Texture Pack from here.

Have fun!

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